HUTArtzine–prologue 2008 Wrocław

[alcove near the synagogue from the direction of św. Antoniego Street]

HUTArtzine is the final stage of a realisation whose direct inspiration was Kościuszko’s Steelworks in Chorzów. Its postindustrial landscape became a point of departure for a large undertaking whose effect is photographic documentation, a series of photomontages, cyclical zines on CDs and distributors working as carriers of the abovementioned recordings. One of them, a sculptural form of the project’s logo, was installed in a narrow niche between a synagogue’s wall and contemporary garages. The aim of the project is to involve the audience in multilayer poetics of the place, which, by transfer into the space of Wrocław, became universal. It is not an attempt to commemorate, but to show the multitude of inspirations hidden in the city.

> Anna Wojtuń

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