Artists Rafał Jakubowicz
Genre Installation   Video
Edition Survival 6

[backstreet near św. Antoniego church]

curator: Adrianna Prodeus

In a side street at the back of St. Anthony’s church there is a wall, beyond which the glittering of film is visible. In order to satisfy the curiosity, it is necessary to step on a brick and peek beyond the wall. Then one will see a film in which passers-by step on a stone by a fence to see what is happenning on a covered building site. The artist shot this situation with a hidden camera in a street in Poznań. The viewer is presented with a false reflection – the peeked situation has been repeated even before we know about it: in the gesture of entering the installation itself. The absurd humour of this work is just one of the layers of its sense. The box construction refers to the audience’s situation when encountering a work of art which shows only a fragment of the invisible. The infinity of perception is included in the work.

> Adrianna Prodeus

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