Forty Years of Practice

Artists Kasia Kmita
Genre Painting
Edition Survival 14

Kasia Kmita was born in 1972 and is a painter by education.
The work under the title Forty Years of Practice is a large-format oil painting made on the basis of the artist’s authentic work from 1976, which bears the inscription Kasia 3.5y first work with paints. Kasia Kmita works on one of her first “artworks”, which she approaches with utmost respect and enlarges to the format of a classical painting (120 × 190 cm).
A child’s draft becomes a starting point for the mature artist. A vision of a three-year-old, limited both by physical and formal abilities, assumes the form of an artwork in its own right thanks to the artist’s forty years of professional experience. Kasia Kmita’s piece emphasises the continuity of acquiring painting skills and the ceaseless shaping of visual awareness. It is also a charming tale about going back to the past and fulfilling childhood dreams, which we used to eagerly record on paper by means of inept paintings and drawings.


photo: Olga Jasnowska

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