Having Sinned

Artists Ganna Grudnytska
Genre Object
Edition Survival 14

Consisting of a table and a number of objects arranged on it, the installation is made from one of the most fragile materials used in art – glass. Paradoxically, the subtle final effect is preceded by raw, forceful and multi-stage processing – forming glass by firing it in a kiln, blowing it, cutting and moulding in the grinding workshop.
The table itself is a prototype of a real piece of furniture that could be used to work on it, create designs, but also as a centre of ordinary life (as evidenced by the mundane objects scattered on top of it).
The artist’s work refers to one of the analyses of Marcel Proust’s most famous work, which concludes that In Search of Lost Time is not a description of life, but an attempt to understand it and transform by means of text. Here, too, every object (the table, a vase, a fruit, a bar of soap) is a metaphorical confession to a sin and admission of past mistakes, and also – an expression of the readiness to change one’s life.


photo: Małgorzata Kujda