UNorJUSTNESS A (Finance) is a work consisting  of three elements remaining in visual or  acoustic contrast with each other. They show  three ways of earning or “making” money:
1. worker (palm oil plantation, Indonesia)
2. trader (Commodities Trading, Switzerland)
3. investor (CopyTrader Promotion, worldwide)
All three forms of earning money only appear  to be unconnected. In the globalised  world, workers in Indonesia produce palm  oil, which Swiss traders sell to other parts of  the world. Switzerland is the main platform  for commodity trading, which is fuelled by  investors from all over the world. These three  films use a purely documentary style to illustrate  three ways of making money: physical  work, non-physical (white-collar) work, and  the promise to earn money without any work  (CopyTrading for small investors). When looking  at the installation by Georg Klein and Steffi  Weismann, a question comes to mind: What  is commensurateness in the economic world?


photo: Natalia Tobiarczyk (1-8), Małgorzata Kujda (9)