Ode to Joy, 5’5”

Academy of Art in Szczecin, Faculty of Painting and New Media, Audiovisual and Performative Actions Studio
works made under the supervision of Dariusz Fodczuk


“What meaning is attributed to the famous  Ode to Joy depending on the ideology one  wishes to convey? The work entitled Ode to  Joy 5’5” is a found footage combining archival  materials and contemporary broadcasts.  Ludwig van Beethoven’s piece – a symbol  of triumph, happiness and unity – used to  be performed by the Nazis, in the Soviet  Union and in China, and nowadays it is the  anthem of the European Union. Each of the  great powers used it to propagate their ideology  and views. The piece of music was exploited  in order to build a symbolic capital  that would later be transformed into symbolic  violence and manifestations of power.  The artist has managed to recreate the entire  piece from found footages. Interestingly,  all fragments are authentic – neither sound  nor image has been processed for the needs  of the work.”


photo: Wojciech Chrubasik

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