_iillll/ll llllh__l//

  • sound installation
  • directional sound, score in dispersion, material of plant origin, drawing


___\\/> still\| when one looks out of the window _|| there are trees visible |/like here\\_

and there is grass / i//’ their bodies remain in constant motion /like ours do\\ /< engaged in a fight >__

_the inevitably\i|ever more ferocious fight /|’’\ to retain the regularity of vital functions|I__ the upright position|_/ the flow ___/||i/\_  |I\trees fighting winds_/”|\\ grasses fighting drought Il | still_II|\ despite the increasingly frequent gales /\/l’\less regular rainfalls/’ |‘’it seems ‘”natural,’’/|and remains rather unapparent Il_nearly invisible_|_most of it goes on inside \// the body \\_  /the tension __to_exist as long as possible _I//< and lead a possibly best existence /_/|we know it so well|’\ _expressed in a fragmented sigh_ ‘___ racing

pulse ’ ,_,’_” ‘_ ,,_ and contractions of stomach |___/

>_here /<I it resounds | |/’ in crunches ,,I|_ under forced pressure |,’/crackles \_\giving in

to temperature _|in ll hollow thumps|I of lost battles __||i/  creaks ,,’ | of resistance|__|_

/___   in silence ________|iii in_’’the subtle rustle ‘’l,  of victory |ll| ,/,,

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