Artists xyckshyt
Genre Sound   Installation   Intervention
Edition Survival 20
  • spatial intervention, sound installation
  • 2022

The title of the work comes from the Turkish word “an” meaning “moment.” The one-syllable word has been transformed into an abstract combination of letters expressing the feeling radiated by the transformed space. Since the place itself is unscathed by stories, it creates an uncanny, unnatural and alienated moment. The place and the spatialized, generative soundscape evoke feelings that appear in a meditative state, when the mind is far from other people and thoughts.

After trying and failing to get away from our problems by using different medical or external methods with a quick-fix/detached approach taken as magic pills, we are often left alone inside ourselves. This place calls you inside to embrace the dark isolation in ourselves and discover its tranquil stillness.

“Listen to a sound until you no longer recog-nize it.”

Pauline Oliveros, “Sonic Meditation XVIII: Recognition”

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