Anomaly / Grab

Artists Ewa Axelrad
Genre Object
Edition Survival 13

curator: Krystian TRUTH Czaplicki

“If you’re scared of someone you hate him

but you can’t stop thinking about him.”

To sustain order in a society, anomaly is needed that would define the norm – one cannot exist without the other. An anomaly – an individual or a phenomenon – is an unknown; it is hard to decide what to do with it. Our helplessness in the face of an anomaly is not the result of its distinctness but of our weakness, limitations and fear of being unable to control it. The means used to suppress anomalies (the main preoccupation of the guardians of public order) are often out of proportion to the existing situation, and thus resemble a “wild beast chase.” Just like an anomaly – suppressing it is simultaneously repulsive and tempting.


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