Artefacts From Nowhere, 2020

Artists Aleksandra Liput
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 18

The installation is the result of the artist’s research on the role of magical thinking and the impact it can have on contemporary people in the difficult, historic moment in which we live. The created objects, made both from found items and from hand-made forms in various techniques, are intended to give the impression of artefacts produced by a tribe unknown to world art history, existing beyond time and space. The use of archetypal structures, reminiscent of totems and talismans, deeply rooted in culture, gives the illusion of communing with something real. By combining motifs taken from different areas of culture, the installation refers to the technique of seamless juxtaposition and interpenetration of motifs from world literature from different epochs and cultures, which T.S. Eliot presented in the poem The Waste Land.


photo: Małgorzata Kujda

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