Bermuda Dream

Artists Maja Wolińska
Genre Video
Edition Survival 9

Video screening as part of Film Stage in the Festival Club

Maja Wolińska’s video is a recording of a place – an attempt to document its ‘emptiness’, full of history and layers of plaster falling off the walls, which sucks in buildings and events like a black hole or the Bermuda Triangle (which is also the common name for a devastated part of Wrocław, which the artist travels with her camera). It is also a recording of the process of neutralisation of the unique traits of this district by breaking it up into small, protected enclaves: parking lots, playgrounds, lawns, parks. Wolińska writes: ‘For decades, no man’s land, colonised and used up in grey despair, in anger, without attachment nor love. Now it is disappearing as a result of aggressive development which changes the landscape into a virtual dream of a society working its way up, devoid of any aesthetic or ethical values’.

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