Beuys Re-enactment

In 2004 Breuer, Freytag and Münch created  the Konsortium – an alternative space for  holding exhibitions in Düsseldorf.  Consortiums are organisations gathering  economic entities for a period of time in order  to achieve concrete aims; they are usually  established to carry out very big or risky  investment projects, whose cost exceeds the  budget of a single entity. Fourteen years ago,  to stress their shared idealism, the artists were  photographed modelling as soldiers from  Jacques-Louis David’s painting Oath of the  Horatii. Now, for SURVIVAL, they have chosen  the motif of another icon – the famous  photograph of Beuys with a mammoth and  the inscription “art = capital”, which he used  to sign ten-mark banknotes.


photo: Natalia Tobiarczyk

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