Artists Janusz Łukowicz
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 8

The artistic work of Janusz Łukowicz may be described, as Agata Saraczyńska from Gazeta Wyborcza put it, as an act of the profanation of the sacred and the sacralisation of the profane. In his work prepared for SURVIVAL 8, the artist covered fragments of destroyed and probably out-of-order electrical wiring of the bunker with Styrofoam ornamentation which is used as imitation of moulding in contemporary ‘stylised’ interiors. This interference took on the character of a frame surrounding an unattractive and unnecessary element of the interior. It thus emphasised the seemingly redundant and posed a question which crops up during the subsequent editions of SURVIVAL – about the character of the future redevelopment of places and buildings. By highlighting the sense and meaning of traces of the past, it corresponded with other works shown inside the Strzegomski Bunker, especially with Andrew Binkley’s ‘Living Treasures’ and ‘Aftershock’.


photo: Katarzyna Kondratczyk

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