Katarzyna Bura and Piotr Łakomy made one of the most enigmatic works of the Review. An untitled object imitated the shape of a low relief of the Nazi eagle, which once used to hang above the entrance to the bunker. The dummy eagle was situated in one of many vaulted rooms, against a background of boxes and other items scattered there. The whole looked like a warehouse or storehouse. The dishon­ourable Nazi memento was wrapped up in fabric and special straps in a way reserved for items in exhibiting ‘quarantine’. What aroused astonishment though was the colour of the fabric and its surpris­ing pattern: the blue and yellow shapes formed unrefined beer mugs. Maybe it was a commentary on the not-so-infrequent indifference to even the most terrifying lessons from history?


photo: Łukasz Paluch (1), Katarzyna Kondratczyk (2)