Artists Hubert Pokrandt
Genre Painting
Edition Survival 16

“After a visit to the Wallenberg-Pachaly palace and all its rooms, I often fantasised about the atmosphere emanated by the venue. How many fascinating stories it contained, which furniture stood inside it, which paintings hung on the walls. Unfortunately, all that we can see now is traces. Glamour erased throughout the years by the subsequent layers of phthalic paint can reach only the most attuned mind as a distant image. Scraped walls everywhere, filth, and the worst of it all – unification. I am interested in processes that the palace has undergone. At first, it was a fantasy and an architect’s dream. The pride of the founders. It was a place where lives were lived, with all their intrigues, concerts and affairs. Finally, having survived two wars, it ended up on the other side of the mirror. It became a symbol of a hidden capital […].”


photo: Małgorzata Kujda

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