Artists Przemysław Piniak
Genre Painting
Edition Survival 20
  • 2020

The work comes from the artist’s individual exhibition Outliving Christ at the University of the Arts gallery in Poznań. The painting refers to the impact of indoctrination to which we are subjected from the first days of life by the family, school, Church, media, etc. It quickly becomes a non-substance addiction, which is very difficult to overcome. The aforementioned exhibition was a turning point for the artist and a moment of clarity when he realised that he also has the right to be who he wants to be, to have a family he wants, to have children or not. However, to fully believe it and be satisfied with these things, he must first completely eradicate Christol from his body. This is no mean feat – Christol clings to man like the malicious dybbuk, feeds on constant indoctrination and has no intention of going anywhere. The demon Christol can take over the thoughts, emotions and body. The work asks the viewer – are you ready to banish Christol from your body? The painting is a loose reference to the retro aesthetics of advertising and infographics.

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