SILENCE! max. 11 x 80W

[wall near the passage to the synagogue from św. Antoniego Street]

The light installation ‘SILENCE! max. 11 x 80W’ was made specially for the wall of the building between św. Antoniego Street and the synagogue. It is the shortest way from the market square to the Jewish Community. A ‘passage’, the process of entering a space which is entangled in such a strong historical and cultural context, is emphasised by the rhythm of 11 flickering bulkhead wall fittings with the inscription ‘Silence’. The number symbolises excess (overfilled – though just by 1 – number 10), martyrdom, lack of moderation. All the lamps were illuminated by a different kind of light in order to strengthen or decrease the perception of the repeated inscription, but blurred, deconstructed. The historical context – searching for con- ditions of art after the Holocaust – is cle- arly recongizable, but does not exhaust the possibilities of interpretation.

> Katarzyna Roj