I see it all

designers: Agnieszka Bar, Kosmos Project (Ewa Bochen, Maciej Jelski)

curator: Magdalena Popławska


The exhibition featured works by artists- designers and posed questions about the relationship between illness and health, and about various ways of combating inflammation. Which ways of opposing a disease do we rule out, and which ones do we eventually try? Healing is more than just medicaments and may include subconscious processes, belief in people’s causative powers, directing thoughts and energy. Healing or failure to be healed also depend on our willingness to take risks.

The glass structure formed by Agnieszka Bar constituted a skeleton for plants that slowly crawled toward light. The structure also resembled a capsule in which one could put one’s head and feel a peculiar centripetal force. When dealing with The Sensual Life of Plants, we became the twisting shoots’ object of interest at least as much as they were ours. Kosmos Project, in turn, assembled a witch doctor’s instrumentarium: wool, ash tree wood dyed with ash mixed with oils and waxes, sanded salt, mirrors. In folk rituals, a quack uses her powers through the agency of objects. If created with the proper intention, can they be endowed with healing properties?

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