Silesium Group

artists: Maciej Albrzykowski, Grażyna Jaskierska-Albrzykowska, Anna Kołodziejczyk, Kamil Moskowczenko, Anna Kowalska-Szewczyk

text: Anna Kowalska-Szewczyk


Silesium is an art project intended to introduce art into all the matters connected with Lower Silesia. The project is supposed to provide information about the current state of the local community, its history and culture. The artists’ area of interest is LOWER SILESIA, a conglomerate comprising a multitude of motifs: from the landscape to history, community, the subsequent local cultures, to issues pertaining to environmentalism – the destruction of industry and nature, and their current revitalization. Thus the artists’ message concerns the external environment, history, culture and ideas, as manifested in collective exhibitions of artworks, such as Silesium (Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts and Design Museum, Wrocław, 2011), Palimpsest (Karkonosze Museum, Jelenia Góra, 2012), Ideaforms (Neon Gallery, Wrocław, 2014), Rudiments (Neon Gallery, Wrocław), Aberrations (Pump Room, Szczawno Zdrój, 2015), Endemics and Junk (Wawrzyniak Gallery, Gdańsk, 2015), Permanent Oddity (U Jezuitów Gallery, Poznań, 2015), Deceptive Objects (Akwarium Gallery, Polanica Zdrój, 2016), Art Labo (Garbary 48 Gallery, Poznań, 2017).

Catalog, 2017, page 118-119


photo by Małgorzata Kujda

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