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Social forum co-organised with Creative Europe Desk Poland


The series of debates focuses on a subject of artistic mobility and the impact the pandemic has had on it. We have invited organisers and practitioners in the creative field, grant and policy-makers, as well as artists and curators, and institutions hosting residencies to discuss different aspects of cultural and artistic mobility. Headed by notifications from the world of socially distanced conversations we hope to reflect on the changes the pandemic has brought and imagine possible future scenarios for cultural exchanges and art on the move.

Saturday, 26 June 2021, 14:00 CET

You will join the meeting when someone lets you in! – geopolitical, cultural and social dimensions of artistic mobility

This panel brings together representatives of grant- and policy-making institutions to discuss the meaning, purposes and ambitions of cultural mobility. What are its main aims and gains in terms of invoking international and local communities? And what are the challenges and spaces for improvement? This panel also looks at artistic mobility also in terms of specific cultural policies implemented on national and international levels in order to discuss a potential geo-political agency art and artists might have. Looking at ideas and missions that are to be realised through cultural exchanges we also hope to discuss its main beneficiaries and enquire who gets omitted in the process.

Helene Skikos, European Commision / i-Portunus
Marianna Neupauerová, Visegrad Fund
Jotham Sietsman, MitOst e.V., Germany
Dea Vidović, Kultura Nova, Croatia
Philipp Dietachmair, European Cultural Foundation, Netherlands
moderatorka: Sylvia Amann, inforelais, Austria

Saturday, 26 June 2021, 17:00 CET

Your meeting attendees are waiting! – artistic residencies in lockdown and after

This panel looks into different strategies the residencies’ hosts explored to continue their work and maintain the artistic exchange. While discussing particular solutions and challenges, the invited curators will be asked to reflect on the possible futures of residencies as well as artistic exchanges, and producing work in the new contexts. We are interested in discussing the ecologies of artistic residencies, in terms of the role they play on the market of cultural capital and recognition; emotional and social labour; as well as their ramifications for the class and access divide in the arts.

Piotr Sikora, Meetfactory, Czech Republic
Paulina Maloy, AIR WRO, Poland
Alison Kuo, International Studio & Curatorial Program, USA
Arda van Tiggelen, VHDG, Netherlands
moderatorka: Marie Fol, On the Move, Netherlands

Sunday, 27 June 2021, 14:00 CET

I’m sharing, can everybody see my screen? – creation and participation in lockdown and the meanings of online

This panel looks into redesigns residencies curators and artists have worked out in response to lockdown and obligation of social distancing. How has working in different countries and cultural contexts in the conditions of lockdown and relative alienation – as well as the move online – affected their practices? The debate also seeks to discuss the future ramifications of online art presentations and exchange of knowledge, and enquire about the lessons both artists and curators learnt during the lockdown. In more general sense, it will ask about the potential new forms of cooperation, artistic collaborations and togetherness that might have emerged, and what long-term effects do they foresee for their practices?

Horacy Muszyński, De Ateliers, Poland / Netherlands
Marianna Dobkowska, Re-Directing East, Poland
Bojana Panevska, Transartists, Netherlands
Maija Rudovska, niezależna kuratorka, Latvia
moderator: Stanislaw Welbel, Austriackie Forum Kultury, Poland

Sunday, 27 June 2021, 17:00 CET

Your meeting will start soon! – possible futures, lessons and redesigns

This panel brings together thinkers and practitioners from diverse fields to discuss the impact the pandemic had on our understanding of networks, cooperation, inter-locality and mobility. Is there any new idea of connectedness? Approaching the socially distanced conditions from the perspectives of different creative sectors it seeks to discuss the changes they have brought to our understanding of cultural production when the doors of the institutions remained locked shut and possible communality of experience of art challenged by isolation, screens and limited resources. What are the immediate and potential ramifications of the experience of lockdown in the context of mobility in its artistic, social and physical manifestations?

Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar, Circostrada, France
Zbigniew Maćkow, Maćków Pracownia Projektowa, Poland
Lieselot van Damme, Netherlands
Ben Evans James, Transmediale, United Kingdom, Canada
moderatorka: Aleksandra Janus, Centrum Cyfrowe, Poland

Attention: The conversations will be held in English. Each debate will take 1,5 hours (up to 2 hours if necessary) and will be streamed online and later accessible on organiser’s online channels. The debates will take on a hybrid form, bringing together panelists present on-site and online.

venue: the building of WSB University at Fabryczna in Wrocław

Monday, 28 June 2021, 17:00 CET

Mobility in art info-session


The info-session brings together organizations and institutions that organise programs promoting artistic mobility and residencies in order to present their projects and opportunities. The information session is primarily addressed to artists, authors, curators and NGO’s who are interested in participating in such projects, although we encourage persons from other areas of the cultural field to get acquainted with the possibilities offered.

Among the confirmed programs presented are among others Creative Europe Desk Polska, Visegrad Fund and i-Portunus, followed by presentations from VHDG, Meetfactory.

Ewa Kornacka (Creative Europe Desk Polska)
Orsolya Rigó (Visegrad Fund)
Katarzyna Zielińska (I-Portunus Houses, Mit-Ost.)
Piotr Sikora (Meetfactory)

The information session will take the form of a webinar with prior registration required and it will be streamed in real-time during Survival. There will be a chance to ask questions after each presentation. It is important to note that the recording of the session will NOT be available at a later date.

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