23.06 FRIDAY

opening hours: noon – midnight

7 PM official opening of the 21st SURVIVAL Art Review, Building C

9 PM re: karaoke, performance by Mac Lewandowski, Building C

11 PM After party – dj set: Dejot, Wojtek Furmaniak, Building C


opening hours: noon – midnight

1 PM KAW! Kid Art Walk – guided tour for children aged 6-12, led by Ewa Pluta, start: Infopoint

3 PM Deconfining: Intercontinental Partnerships. Contexts, Processes, Network – Women’s History Museum (Zambia) and Nafasi Art Space (Tanzania), presentations in English, Building C

4 PM Sound Art Forum – curatorial tour, led by Daniel Brożek, start: Infopoint

6 PM Deconfining: The Challenges, Problems and Joys of Building New Intercontinental Relations, discussion in English, Building C

6 PM Historical guided tour of the Depot, led by Tomasz Sielicki, start: green gate of the Depot from Legnicka Street

10 PM After party – dj set: DiV4, Leandra, Veronicami, Building C

25.06 SUNDAY

opening hours: noon – midnight

1 PM Large-format collages – arts workshop for children

3 PM Sustainability and Culture from an Intercontinental Perspective: Goals, Practices and Contexts, discussion in English, Building C

4 PM SAW! Senior Art Walk – guided tour for seniors, led by Ewa Pluta, start: corner Wejherowska and Lutra street

6 PM Narratives of closeness and distance from Central-Eastern Europe and South-Eastern Africa – a multicontextual patchwork – discussion in English, Building C

7 PM Guided tour in Ukrainian, led by Anzhelika Yeltsova, start: Infopoint

26.06 MONDAY

opening hours: noon – 10 PM

3 PM Trump’s Golden Toilet. What Is Conspicuous Consumption Good For? – lecture by Agata Gąsiorowska, open event, Building C

4 PM Guided tour with translation into Polish Sign Language, led by Ewa Pluta, start: bus stop Kwiska

5 PM Curatorial tour, led by Michał Bieniek, start: Infopoint

6 PM Love in the Age of App-culture – lecture by Katarzyna Kulwicka, open event, Building C

7 PM Curatorial tour in English, led by Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz, start: Infopoint


opening hours: noon – 10 PM

1 PM BAW! Baby Art Walk –  guided tour for parents and carers with small children, led by Ola Jach, start: Infopoint

4 PM Guided tour with audio description, led by Ewa Pluta, start: Infopoint

5 PM Curatorial tour, led by Anna Kołodziejczyk, start: Infopoint

7 PM Concert of Maja Miro, open eventBuilding D

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