Extra Freshness

Artists Dwaesha
Genre Intervention
Edition Survival 4

Performance at the margins of SURVIVAL 4 Review.

Unnoticed by anyone, more than two litres of fragrance concentrate (2in1ecological air freshener and absorber “green apple”) is poured on the floor of one of the entrances to the station (passage connecting the main hall with platforms) and in nearby litter bins…

In addition to literally “refreshing” the station, it is an attempt to influence the memory of it (the smell spread on footwear, “remembered” by clothing), an expression of the rather atavistic need to mark the territory and a reference to art history (e.g. Andrzej Partum, Stink, Galeria Repassage, 1977). Because railway security is (almost comically) heightened (especially when one is acting outside the Review – lack of legitimisation by art), it is also a personal test of the existing protection against a possible terrorist threat (biological or chemical)

On 13 May 2016 at 10 a.m., the action was repeated – exactly in the same place, with greater “panache” and equally unnoticed by security…

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