1:1 Fugue

The ‘1:1 Fugue’ video installation triggered associations with art works which were most fraught with consequences for modern art, such as Malewicz’s ‘The Black Square’ or Polański’s ‘Two Men and a Wardrobe’. The film consisted of several shots and showed two men in a city carrying a white sheet resembling a crude support of a paint­ing. Therefore the work featured meaningful whiteness – a symbol of unwritten content. An intriguing walk of anonymous people in an anonymous place resembled a parade or a procession. Dynamic montage with a series of replays and freeze-frames worked like a fast slide-show with a white, empty frame. The loud score which ac­companied the film added to the viewer’s feeling of being inside pure abstraction, created by an expressive image which emitted a series of white afterimages. The work was shown on a wall which closed a semi-circular corridor inside the bunker. The spectacular projection which pulsated with light and loud sound was in sharp contrast to the subtle scene shown in Paweł Kowzan’s installation, which was placed in the opposite room.


photo: Justyna Fedec