Artists Adam Abel
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 13

Louder is an interactive work that reacts to the recipient’s shout. The louder the scream, the higher the cloud of pixels goes up on the screen, forming an outline of letters. If the scream is loud and long enough, the cloud will remain at maximum height. Only a very long and ceaseless scream will result in the emergence of the hidden message.
The installation can be interpreted in two ways: on the one hand, it refers to the fragile individual right to exhibit unhindered behaviour (e.g. scream), perceived as a freedom of selfexpression. It is inadvisable in the public space because it violates the existing public order. On the other hand, the piece emphasises the natural human need to give vent to negative emotions, anger and frustration. If they are suppressed for an extended period of time, they might lead an individual to nervous breakdown or other aggressive behaviours.

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