The Limits of Possibility

Artists Magdalena Mądra
Genre Sound   Installation
Edition Survival 20
  • kinetic sound installation
  • 2022

Empty cardboard boxes and unwanted devices that have already satisfied our needs and desires are lasting evidence of the unsustain-able economy of ineffectiveness and cease-less counterproductive efforts. Circulation as a by-product of the capitalist logic of efficiency contradicts any productivity. When entering the order of machines, we see a space of pure functioning, a system of desire which was the focus of Deleuze and Guattari’s analysis: Desire and its object are one and the same thing: the machine, as a machine of a machine. Desire is a machine, and the object of desire is another machine connected to it. By outlining a materialist psychiatry focusing on the relationships between desire and production, the philosophers provide us with tools to understand the connection between mental illness and social formation. The only way out of the system is fatigue and destruction strong enough to push us out of the loop and cause deterioration (D&G). This state is reminiscent of sleep, which will always collide with the demands of a 24/7 universe, as Jonathan Crary described it in the context of late capitalism, due to its profound uselessness and intrinsic passivity, with the incalculable losses it causes in production time, circulation, and consumption. The act of curated decay (term proposed by Caitlin DeSilvey), which goes against the materiality and conservation of the object in favour of its annihilation, resonates with the sounds of the self-destructive work inside a monument filled with void, rising time and again in a gesture of propitiation for its erection.