Artists Justyna Adamczyk
Genre Performance
Edition Survival 4

Seventy girls dressed in white took part in the action. They came to the middle of the station in rows, and when all of them were there, they knelt and bowed their heads; in this way, they surrendered to pure artistic form and excluded themselves from everything that was happening around them. At the very end, the initiator of the performance emerged from the crowd of girls, approached the first row and let one of the performers get up. She rose and slapped the artist with all her strength. In this way, the work of art has turned against its creator. At the same time, it showed the possibility of breaking free from a suffocating and restricting situation. It was a metaphorical demonstration of the possibility of turning against the rigid and standardised patterns of femininity. After the “revolt,” the girls parted, each went their own way in search of self-actualisation. (after: Iza Kowalczyk)

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