Unlimited Horizontal Composition / Stream of Light

‘Unlimited Horizontal Composition / Stream of Light’ by the same artist drew on the output of Polish con­ceptualism, directly referring to Henryk Stażewski’s conception ‘Nine Rays of Light in the Sky’. The artist’s intention was to place sources of light in the circular openings in the elevation of the bunker so that the rays would go from the building into eter­nity. Had it been carried out, this unique composition would lighten the architectural monolith and turn it into a centre of attention of local citizens, passers-by and visitors (which would be especially important due to its new function of a museum of modern art – which is an important centre of culture). The project would also refer in an interesting way to Zbig­niew Gostomski’s famous conceptual work ‘Zaczyna się we Wrocławiu’ (‘It Begins in Wrocław’).


photo: Justyna Fedec

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