Smorgasbord with Veal Cutlet a la Wallenberg

Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Art in Public Space Studio, Art Mediation Chair
work made under the supervision of Dr Tomasz Opania


“Capital is the accumulated assets used to begin  or continue business activity. Can food  be a capital? There could be ages of history  behind a piece of finely minced veal put on  potato purée with peas and cowberry. Dishes  are often named after countries, historical  events or famous figures. Can the curiosity  about the etymology of a dish bring benefits  in the form of a ‘capital’? Ignorance of  past events makes it difficult to understand  the present, and consequently – the future.  Without culture, which also includes cuisine,  we no longer exist and no longer mean  anything.”


photo: Wojciech Chrubasik