Artists Jędrzej Borowski
Genre Sound   Installation
Edition Survival 16

Sound Artforum
curator: Daniel Brożek


The looped generative sound composition  monitors the exchange rates of four popular  cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin  and Bitcoin Cash) in one-minute intervals, and  sonifies them in real time. Each stroke of the  clock corresponds with a one-dollar change  in the exchange rate. Thus the dynamics of  change in the volatile and highly speculative  cryptocurrencies markets is translated into  sound. Jumps result in a chaotic cacophony  whereas slow changes make the clock tick  calmly and rhythmically. The composition  is supplemented with a silent, regular sound  of the second hand, which reflects the uncertainty  of whether the virtual capital will appreciate  or depreciate in value. Each of the  four cryptocurrencies is connected with one  sound channel, and the entire construction  uses the acoustic properties of the banking  room of the Wallenberg-Pachaly palace.


audio available at:


photo: Małgorzata Kujda

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