Culture! Culture! Culture!

Artists Michał Sikorski
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 9

Michał Sikorski’s installation under the title Culture! Culture! Culture! evoked a series of important cultural events which took place… thirty years ago. A poster pillar, entirely covered with outdated advertisements, posters, references and reviews, became both a playful commentary on the short life of press news and a test of timelessness of artistic ideas. A scrupulously composed collage of newspaper cuttings yellowed with age was boring for most people, like a set of old facts. However, close examination of the materials could bring an answer to some important questions: how does art reveal its popularity or redundancy; what is its power of reflection and contribution to the shape of the modern world; and finally, how does the role of an artist evolve in the ever-changing social order?


photo: Peter Kreibich (1), Justyna Fedec (2)

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