Last Forest, 2020

Artists Kaja Pilch
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 18

The work is inspired by false environmentalism. In the age of the fashionable “green” approach to almost every sphere of life, we no longer pay attention to the increasing number of absurdities. Producers use the “eco” label on a mass scale as a marketing lure, without any obligation to reliably inform how environmentally friendly their products actually are. Pilch’s installation is made entirely of non-recycled waste obtained from a factory producing eco-packaging. The wood used in the installation comes mainly from the logging of the Niepołomice Forest. Eighty percent of wood of each felled tree is incinerated as unnecessary waste, and only twenty percent is used for the production of eco-packaging. The off-cuts that were used to make the installation were to be burned – this is the unwanted part of the tree. The installation, which still smells of a forest, symbolises a forest that is literally disappearing in the name of “environmental protection.”


photo: Małgorzata Kujda



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