Artists Paweł Kulczyński
Genre Sound
Edition Survival 19
  • multi-channel, interval-episodic sound installation, multi-speaker object

It is hard to ignore the fact that a facility as large as the PAFAWAG boiler house directly contributed to the emission of hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide during its 50 years of operation. Therefore, this place is a striking symbol of the destruction of Earth’s ecosystems, a model example of the ongoing fossil fuels frenzy. For this reason, the motto You Ain’t Going Nowhere is applied neither to PAFAWAG nor to our (post-)pandemic reality, but rather to Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” – the planet Earth. We are not going anywhere from here, certainly not en masse and not in the next few generations. Even if we do manage to leave Earth before the self-annihilation of civilisation, as a species we will probably remain bound to it. The prospect of successful colonisation of an alien world is but a pipe dream – it would take hundreds of years of innovation, and during this time we have to live somewhere. In addition, it is basic decency not to demolish your home before leaving. The multi-channel, interval-episodic site-specific sound installation supported by field recordings in the spirit of dark ecology and pleading songs uses the acoustic identity and cubature of the building, treating it like an instrument by using dialoguing reverbs, resonances and wave nodes. The resulting composition describes the space of the boiler room.

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