Park Spaces

A gigantic advertising banner, shaped like a high-pitched tent, was put up in the harmonious setting of one of park squares. Its unmatching form contrasted with the aesthetics of the surroundings. Users of nearby park benches were confronted with a visual intrusion bearing an enigmatic inscription Park Spaces. The inscription, which took the central place of the banner, was printed on a surface created from white fabric and fragments of big-city architecture and might have been an invitation to enter the abstract construction. The interior of the tent was cushioned with soft layers of light materials and clothes. This fragile tissue oozed away in some places, forming subtle cascades on the lawn. The installation, intended to be spectacular and expressive, gave rise to an experiment which carried some risk of damage, but could also result in many other unpredictable ways.


photo: Justyna Fedec (1), Peter Kreibich (2, 3)