Still Point

Artists Monika Karczmarczyk
Genre Video
Edition Survival 20
  • 2’59”
  • 2021

In this digital animation, a bandage gradually unfolds in an undefined space to reveal the shape of an invisible hand. The choreography of the moving roll is based on the instructions for applying a dressing on the hand, which may be associated with preparations for a boxing fight. A female voice reads out a text paraphrasing a quote by Kelly Oliver, an American philosopher and continuator of Jacques Derrida’s thought:

„And for better and worse, we are left holding empty bandages, detached signifiers, asking what they mean and where’s the body. The time of interpretation, in between time, before we know what it means, the pile of bandages lying there, signaling something but what?”

The bandage in “Still Point” creates a contemporary image of death, giving form to that which is invisible and culturally repressed. As a creative method, the imitation built by the 3D model becomes a modern image of death – because old representations of the dead body are beyond our contemporary experience and perception. The absence of the corpse – a peculiar negative – is revealed by obscuring it, giving shape to death while removing its signs from the sight of the living.

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