Night in the Cosmos

Artists Horacy Muszyński
Genre Performance   VR
Edition Survival 20
  • 2022

“Night in Space” is a VR experiment and a one-on-one performance. The artist assumes the role of a Taxi Driver who can take one pas-senger on board his spaceship and go to any place in the universe. The headsets make it possible to hold a conversation while travelling. The Taxi Driver, like any taxi driver, likes to talk with passengers on all sorts of topics, tell stories and anecdotes. The passenger can share opinions with the pilot, act out a role, or simply enjoy the meditative space cruise in silence. The simulation detaches the viewer from the surrounding reality, and in cosmos no earthly rules apply. What can happen when you navigate the intergalactic vastness with an unknown pilot? The entire experiment is loosely based on Jim Jarmusch’s film “Night on Earth” (1991).

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