Paracitus Urbanum Revitalis

Artists Grzegorz Moskała
Genre Action
Edition Survival 6

[near the ‘Mleczarnia’ club and the ‘Kamfora’ festival club]

curator: Kaja Pawełek

Grzegorz Moskała’s ‘parasitic’ project is an attempt to reflect on the future of the city, its development, ways of living, the potential of the existing urban structure. Simultenously, it is a question about the degree of differentiation of the city tissue. Messages in the form of animation, sent by a Bluetooth transmitter, could be received by mobile phones in a limited area, tightly connected with the content of the message. Both animations sent were connected with two city views– of the yard in front of the Kamfora festival club and of Św. Antoniego Street. The ‘Paracite’ – fast growing, self-reproducing new city tissue– gradually, in stages (from the moment of ‘infection’) devoured the old, decaying tissue. As a result, the original Four Temples District disappeared completely inside the new urban organism. This kind of revitalization is a deep change of the entire district, cutting off its present shape and social structure.

> Kaja Pawełek


* interactive project using Bluetooth technology – mobile telephone messages sent as animation


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