Powerplant, 2020

Artists Łukasz Huculak
Genre Painting
Edition Survival 18

Puny lichens or fossils shown in the convention of a microscopic slide, images obtained through cyanotype or x-radiation, the result of unknown physical processes or relics from a distant era – these are the main sources of inspiration for the latest painting series by Łukasz Huculak. The dynamics of the system of roots, shoots and branches of the botanical skeletons and carcasses triggers associations with the cracked structure of the wall surface, river estuaries, and above all the nervous system – networks of neurons and synapses, in which information processing takes place by means of electrical impulses. The paintings from this series were created in the “waste-free” technology, i.e. mostly from the waste produced while cleaning the tools and doing previous paintings.


photo: Małgorzata Kujda