Polish Parents of German Children

Artists Tomasz Opania
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 10

The laundry is hanging in the sun on a drying rack on a grass field. But why here? And why are all the shirts, T-shirts, shorts, even the wool socks dyed in the national colours of Poland and Germany? After a while, a pattern could be noticed: adults’ clothes were ‘Polish’, children’s – ‘German’. Tomasz Opania used humour to describe the story of one of many inter-generation ‘transfers’ – characteristic for the mobile, multinational, economically and culturally differentiated Europe in general, but in particular for the stormy area of Polish-German neighbourhood, which is full of tensions and dramas, but also hopes for a change of fate and a better, more secure future.

> Michał Bieniek


photo: Justyna Fedec