An Attempt to Do Something Pure and Sublime

Artists Paweł Jarodzki
Genre Performance
Edition Survival 4

The work I prepared for SURVIVAL can be divided into two parts. First, a fragment of the floor under the arcades in front of the main entrance to the station was cleaned. I did it together with Ania Mituś. We dressed really elegantly and scrubbed the area where everyone spits, drops cigarette butts and various disgusting things. It is a traditional meeting place for people addicted to nicotine, alcohol, heroin and other substances unknown to me. I feel really sorry about this place and these people. Second, a quote from Norwid was placed on this scrubbed floor fragment, which was supposed to shake pedestrians up and convince them to perform kinder and nobler acts. Unfortunately, as it always happens, not everything went to plan and a typo crept in. Moreover, I did not notice any drastic change in the behaviour of passers-by. They continue to smoke and spit there, crush leftover food with the soles of their shoes, trying to extort money from travellers for substances that are a substitute for paradise.

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