Artists Ludomir Franczak
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 9

A flock of exotic birds sat on one of the trees. They looked like canaries or parrots ad sang beautifully. It was enough to stand under the tree and clap one’s hands to hear cheerful chirping from among the branches – unfortunately artificial, just like the mechanical birds made in China, which spread their wings and shook their heads thanks to electric power coming from batteries placed on the trunk and branches. Ludomir Franczak’s Birds was a commentary on the park as an artificial creation, a substitute for nature inside the city, which has just as much common with it as the plastic birds bought in a junk shop with a nightingale’s song.


photo: Łukasz Paluch (1, 3), Justyna Fedec (2, 4), Łukasz Paluch (5)