• karaoke –/ Friday 9-11 PM
  • dj set –Saturday 10-12 PM
  • 2023

The performance consists of two participatory activities-spectacles: karaoke led by the artist and their DJ set. Held over two days, the events are intended to build a safe space for uninhibited expression and the pleasure of being with another human being. For Mac Lewandowski, a safe space is where actions are taken to make those in it feel free and at ease. Lewandowski is interested in the ephemeral and performative nature of a safe space that emerges in the wake of relationships established between people in the course of being together. The venue itself is of little importance; what matters is the interpersonal energy and sense of community, also with the host. Crossing or perhaps even eliminating the distance between the performer and viewer is the purest form of co-participation that an artist can experience in the context of performance art; it is about creating space together, not merely witnessing the event, but being the event. Karaoke is a form of club entertainment for everybody, regardless of their vocal skills. What matters is not perfect rendition, but the fun and joy of being together. The same is true of DJ sets. What distinguishes a DJ is the ability to create a relationship with the people dancing and participating in the event co-created by both parties together.

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