Section X

The Section X performance took place on the smaller pitch of ‘Oławka’, behind the stands. The defilade, initially planned on a large scale, took on the character of a test march, preceded by a sequence of repeated exercises and movements. The marching young women, some of whom were active sportswomen, were dressed in gymnastics outfits prepared especially for this occasion by the artist, which displayed the author’s logo based on the shape of the letter ‘X’. The author led the march and played the role of a trainer, choreographer and main acrobat. The artist referred in this work to her own experiences – as a child she practiced rhythmic gymnastics, but she was forced to give it up due to an injury – proposing a routine with a pre-planned fall at the end. Wearing an orthopaedic corset which stiffened her movements, in a sense since the very beginning she had been the weakest link of the show, forecasting failure and bad luck. The venue of the defilade, at the back of the main sports facilities, complemented the message of this warm-up like performance, i.e. an event of marginal significance, somewhere in the background.

> Anna Kołodziejczyk


photo: Justyna Fedec

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