The Walk

Artists Monika Drożyńska
Edition Survival 9

The first years of motherhood is a special time which the woman spends almost incessantly with the child. It is a time when almost everything revolves around the baby and its needs, which results in a kind of separation from the world – in the mother’s necessity of withdrawal into a small universe consisting of home, the health centre, the chemist’s and the shop. The walks taken with the baby are one of the few chances to cross these strict boundaries. Monika Drożyńska’s Walk is just such an act of crossing the boundaries between the private and the public, elevated to the rank of an artistic action. It is a temporary trip into public sphere, very poetic in its ordinariness – and equally helpless – an act of disagreement with one’s own alienation.   


photo: Justyna Fedec (1, 4), Peter Kreibich (2, 3)