Artists Kamila Wolszczak
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 10

Walking the corridors of the ‘Oławka’ complex of buildings, in one of the locker rooms the visitor would come across an object which looked as if taken from an elegant museum exhibition – a laurel wreath on a pedestal, locked inside a glass case. Upon close examination it could be seen that the wreath was intertwined with a crown of thorns. This juxtaposition makes us look for religious connotations in the first place, although the meaning of the artwork may remind us of the fate of many heroes, not only biblical ones. Temporality is a simple but very accurate metaphor of the transient character of fame. Kamila Wolszczak seems to warn the visitors in a subtle way – popularity and splendour usually evolve into oblivion, while mass adoration, as history has shown on numerous occasions, becomes mass hatred.

> Anna Stec

photo: Peter Kreibich (1), Justyna Fedec (2)

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