Sound Artforum
curator: Daniel Brożek


Some people think of capital as the outcome of being financially successful, for others it may denote the ability to communicate in a group and educate the subsequent generations, or the potential of social cooperation and trust that benefits all parties. This variety triggers a question: Are the people who surround us, coming from all walks of life, able to create the right conditions for communication and make a joint effort to build shared capital? In order to verify it, the artists decided to hold a number of interviews with selected representatives of different social groups. In the conversations, the interviewees provide their own viewpoints, definitions, ideas, fears and beliefs. Although each dialogue appears clear enough when treated in isolation, when considered collectively such social polyphony leads nowhere, casting doubts on the possibility of having common objectives, shared understanding, or being able to work towards similar goals. The composition comprising ten independent audio tracks singles out multiple instances in which the word “capital” was used, being perhaps the only sign of cohesion in the interviews. What emerges as a result is a question rather than an answer: Are we able to join forces to build social capital together?


audio available at:


photo: Wojciech Chrubasik

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