Measurement Workshop

Artists Tomasz Fronczek
Edition Survival 14

For over a decade, the artist has been passionately interested in centuries- old oaks, especially the monumental ones, those with faces. He pursues his hobby in practice by means of various artistic activities. Fascination with the DIAMETER of those gigantic and wonderful trees prompted the artist to depict it in the form of a large-format drawing.
Measuring an oak is not always easy. The process begins with receiving a message about a tree (information from a friend, a photo in a book, the Internet). It is followed by field research (sometimes the oak is hard to find) connected with an interview with the locals or the owner of the property. A photographic documentation is created and the diameter at breast height (dbh) is measured at 130 cm from the ground.
The artist uses the measurements to create a list, a ranking of a kind, ordered by the tree’s diameter. It already contains about three thousand trees. All the phases and results shown in Measurement Workshop apply to one tree – the Rus oak.


photo: Olga Jasnowska

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