Waves on the Ocean, 2020

Artists Marta Krześlak
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 18

Some dream about marble in their apartment, so why not dream about waves on the ocean?! The installation is made of a material and in a technique that is used to decorate walls in apartments. Since stucco is an expensive material, it is commonly applied onto the surface as a very thin layer, creating an imitation of marble. Using it to imitate ocean waves can be viewed as an extravagant, nonchalant waste. But don’t we adopt the same attitude towards other goods, which we throw away without a second thought? The disturbing and upsetting impression of being flooded is greater than the beauty of ocean waves. In the end, however, anxiety gives way to awe at the sight of the ocean’s magnificence. Calmly, without worrying about our carbon footprint, we can watch as the waves slowly flood the space.


photo: Małgorzata Kujda



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