Still No Explanation

The title of the work refers to a phrase commonly used in the titles of amateur YouTube clips containing sounds of unidentified origin. Recorded anonymously in every corner of the world, often in poor quality, they may show the landscape, the sky through the window or a fragment of a city. In the background you can hear supposedly eerie and strange noises. There may be a crackle, after which the recording is interrupted by comments from people witnessing the event. The sounds are often described as racing or rolling. They even got their own names around the world, such as Bansal guns in the Ganges delta and the Bay of Bengal, yan in Shikoku, Japan, or mistpouffers in Belgium. The reports of mysterious noises grew in intensity during the pandemic lockdowns, as people paid special attention to such phenomena and followed them with particular interest. Some conspiracy theorists perceive them as signs of an imminent apocalypse, others are convinced that it is a new weapon tested on people. Researchers of paranormal phenomena would have us believe that aliens are trying to contact earthlings by sending audio messages that we cannot yet decipher. The phenomenon of inexplicable sounds stands as testimony to social moods, collective anxiety and psychosis, which spread like wildfire during the forced isolation. The anxiety felt by all of us as time flies, coupled with the incessant sense of insecurity, is like waiting for another catastrophe. Or perhaps it is just another proof of the aporetical nature of listening?

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