FABRYCZNA Welcome Sign

  • object, 1970

This “welcome sign” is one of the last surviving informational items of its kind in Wrocław. Its form is reminiscent of the socmodernist school of design. The characteristic cogwheel indicates the industrial character of the district, as it is a universal symbol of heavy industry. In 2019, the welcome sign was moved from Średzka Street to the Popowice tram depot for safekeeping.

Such welcome signs designed by artists were particularly popular in Eastern and Central European countries and in the Balkans. Their creators tried to encapsulate the characteristic features of the area in them. Various means of expression and materials were used in these sizeable objects. Competitions were often called for the design of these signpost-monuments. Welcome signs were intended to express pride in the achievements of the local community, whether urban or rural, but also of specific neighbourhoods or settlements. Today, the tradition of erecting welcome signs designed by artists has almost completely vanished.

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