Workscape: Workers-Pioneers

Genre Performance
Edition Survival 14

The work tells the story of Wrocław’s working class immediately after the war by problematising the strategies of workers’ resistance through performing skiving (consuming alcohol at work, being late, etc.). It combines performance and a sound installation consisting of three sources of sound.
RECEIVER A: the artist’s lecture on the history of Wrocław’s working class immediately after the war, prepared on the basis of academic publications;
RECEIVER B: the artist reading memories of people living at that time and period propaganda documents;
RECEIVER C: sounds of the artist’s work.
The performance lasts eight hours. During this time, the artist does various physical jobs, gives three one-hour lectures on the situation of workers in post-war Wrocław, the role of work in neo-avant-garde conceptions and the performatics of strikes in post-war Poland. A Q&A session is also held.


photo: Olga Jasnowska

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